How to Become a Vegan and Give Up Eating Cheese

I have always believed that animals were put here for us to eat.   I loved going to the steakhouse and ordering a juicy ribeye, or grabbing a burger from the drive-thru, sausage? one of my favorites!  I never thought twice about it.

Until I watched a documentary called Earthlings.

It changed everything, absolutely everything inside of me in regards to animals. Permanently.  I couldn’t look at the milk, or eggs, or bacon in my fridge let alone think about eating anything animal.  The one thing that seemed to be okay for me though, was cheese. I don’t know why.  But it bothered me. I know it comes from cows, but maybe because it doesn’t look like milk? I don’t really eat that much cheese, but I love pizza!!  I love a thin crispy crust and a ton of yummy vegetables, and of course, the cheese.

So I decided to do some research and I came across this article written by PETA called Why Cheese Could Make You Heave. Lets just say, I’m over the cheese thing. Totally, completely, 100%.  And what a relief! Seriously. I am so relieved that this final switch has been flicked off.

Part of being a vegan isn’t just about what you eat, it’s an entire lifestyle change.  It means clearing your house, home, and, well, life, of all animal byproducts. Leather, honey, any products tested on animals, everything.  This is easy because I barely had any of this stuff to begin with, but I have kids who are not vegans, or even vegetarians. So some things will remain until they decide what they want to do.

Cow milk should be for baby cows.


2 responses to “How to Become a Vegan and Give Up Eating Cheese

  1. You are so awesome for questioning and changing your diet.
    What we eat is a very sacred and deep held set of beliefs. Change like this is not easy, finding things to eat is no problem, how others relate to your choice tends to be the most challenging thing I’ve found.
    So +1 for Fearlessness and Change!
    We support you!

    • Thank you Walter! It truly was a very personal decision and continues to be something I hold close to my heart.

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