The Spiritual Fantasy That You Want to Live Today

I always do that. I finish writing an article and the next day I think of so much more I wanted and should have said! Plus I was falling asleep while writing it, so that could have been why I didn’t think of everything.

So here’s part two to Spiritual Fantasy.

In that article I mainly focused on the future, the far out future, and while on my run this morning I was really irritated that I would have to wait until the far out future to live my fantasy.  I kept thinking, why cant I have a fantasy now?  What is my fantasy for now, today? Spiritual or otherwise?

When I have a strong desire to do something, I do it.

Some fantasies I lived out are: 

  • flying a helicopter and a plane (with an instructor of course!)
  • I shot a machine gun, which I was good at, and threw some grenades, which I sucked at.
  • I became a runner, I always thought I hated running and besides, I was a swimmer, but I could picture myself doing it, getting lost (literally and figuratively) in the movement, so I became a runner and even ran races!
  • Moving to Colorado was a fantasy, and I did it.
  • Bungee jumping, done.
  • Surfing, done.
  • There are more, but not enough, not nearly enough!

I have a “bucket  list” of things I want to do, which I always assumed I would wait until I was retired, or my kids were grown, or I had more time and money. But this morning while I was running, I realized that time is slipping through my fingers and one day I am going to wake up and it will be too late to do what I dream about doing.

My spiritual fantasy that I want to live today:

To believe completely that absolutely nothing is standing in the way of what I want, not money, not time, not people. To know it’s only my own fears and disbelief that keep me stuck where I am.

So I will continue to expand my mind and knowledge and never stop learning or searching for more.

And about my “Bucket List” or just “The List” as I like to call it, it’s time to revisit it and see what I will to do next!


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