How I Turned Paying off My Debt Into a Game

Money is very intimidating to me mostly because I don’t want to be without it. I have lost everything before and I’m terrified of losing it again.  Currently I have a small income that covers my expenses just about perfectly with a little left over which usually goes towards The Single Mom Guilt or the dentist or maintenance on my POS car, etc.

In a few days I start a new position at work which will bring in a little more income for me. Now is the perfect opportunity to come up with a plan to get some old debts paid off. I do not like owing money to anyone!  It makes me feel like a marionette doll tied to the puppet master bank, I am all about freedom here.

I’m great with numbers, and I am good with money. My expenses are cut down to the bare minimum.  I enjoy the local thrift and dollar stores when I need something.  I always try to pay my rent and utilities months in advanced so I know we’ll always have a home if there is an emergency.  But it is very difficult to get old debts paid when you don’t have anything left over after paying bills, and anything extra is going to life necessities.  So, with this little increase in my income, I am going to focus on paying off my old debts, instead of incurring new ones, like a new car which we desperately need, or a bigger apartment, or…there is so much we need, but can do without for now.

I love puzzles and games and solving problems.   So, to keep me motivated and on track, I’ve decided to make a game out of paying off my debts called:

Don’t Waste A Dime

The Object of the Game:

  • To pay off my old school loan which I deferred like a thousand times.
  • To pay off an old car loan from a car that was repossessed a few years ago (told you I lost everything!)
  • To pay into “C Savings” account (Car & California).

Rules to be done ASAP until Objective is complete: 

  • Bike. Commute to work, run errands. Screw winter! It’ll save on gas and wear & tear on POS car. Use car only to transport kids.
  • Give. As you give so shall you receive. What we intend for another person we experience ourselves, what we give we gain.
  • Dime Diary. Keep track of every dime in a  little notebook I always keep on me.
  • Be Accountable. Blog progress & update chart (footer of website) when payments are made. 


  • For every dime that is wasted its equal must be donated to a good cause.


  • Good Credit
  • Savings for Car & California
  • Freedom!

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