How To Deal With Jealousy

Jealousy always amuses me.

It usually takes me by surprise because I very rarely feel this emotion.   Whenever I do feel it though, I take a moment to stop and reflect on why I am feeling this way. Usually it’s an insecurity within myself, and it’s usually lame.  And I laugh. And it’s over. It’s an instant cure for getting over whatever insecurity I had that was making me jealous.

There are certain areas where I know I’m insecure and jealousy cant help but seep in and wrap its icy hands around my heart.  Its usually a deep seeded issue with a lot of history and takes more than a few moments to get over.  How I deal with this kind of jealousy is to ignore it the best I can at the time. I know that the problem lies within me, therefore I know I will deal with it and get over it little by little. It’s usually past hurts that sit and fester until something happens and we are reminded of that hurt and fear that our joy will be taken away.

Having jealousy directed towards me though, is usually very amusing.  I suppose it’s because it shows their insecurities and it reveals themselves to me.  I get a peak of their inner selves and it’s amusing because it’s something they can change if they want to and are strong enough to.

Some people can get down right nasty and even violent when they get jealous,  and this I don’t tolerate.  That is when I walk away, rolling my eyes, knowing its them and not me.

If you feel jealousy creeping in:
Stop, step away, take a moment and ask yourself why you are feeling this way.  Know that this feeling is from you, no one can make you jealous.  Therefore YOU have the ability to fix it.

If the jealousy is deep seeded and has a history:
Do your best to ignore it until you can take the time to really deal with it and heal any wounds from the past.

If someone shows jealousy towards you:
Know that this is an insecurity within them, not you.  You cannot make someone jealous.  Knowing this, you should be able to see their jealousy in a different light and be perhaps be as amused with it as I am.

If someone shows violent jealousy towards you:
Walk away immediately. Stay safe, and remember, its not your fault.

Jealousy is considered a negative emotion, however I choose to use it as a tool to become aware of my insecurities and to better myself by dealing with them. Also, it is a form of insight that allows me to be aware of the insecurities in the people I’m surrounded with which offers me protection in the form of knowledge.


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