I Love You

I love you, even if you don’t love me back.
I will always lovingly accept you, even if you judge me.
I love you, even if you don’t even like me.
The love in my heart is stronger than any negativity, any anger, any hate, any jealousy,
any judgement that might be directed towards me.
I will always see the goodness in you, no matter how deep it’s buried. 

When you do love me, it only makes my heart grow, and makes me love you even more.
When you are nice to me, it feels so good, I glow.
When you are mean to me, it hurts,
but I appreciate you because you remind me of why it’s better to love.
I don’t ever want to hurt someone else like you hurt me. 

The love that I am talking about is the virtue of  being kind, compassionate and affectionate towards other human beings, no matter what.  To rise above all other emotions and show selfless concern for others.

Love is a very powerful emotion, more powerful than we realize. It is our most basic emotion. If you were to sit still with no worries or fears, love would automatically radiate out of you.

Negativity is so common and easy to succumb to. Its a black vortex that eventually consumes every one involved.  It spreads like wildfire, bouncing from person to person, infecting them with anger, jealousy, sadness, judgement, anxiety and fear.  Its on TV, it’s in print, it’s at work, it’s at home, school, on the roads, on our phones, in text messages, emails, social networks. It’s instant, it stings, and it’s hard to let it go, so we pass it on to someone else.

When we are filled with love, we radiate positive energy that repels negativity.  By being compassionate, we can see the other person in a different light. By thinking and speaking positive thoughts, we are spreading good energy and love to someone else.  Also, a shift happens inside of us. The more we are filled with love, the more fearless we become, the more openly joyous we live our lives.

We need more love in this world. More positive energy.  To accept people for the way they are. To not judge anyone. To be kind and compassionate to everyone we come across.  It’s a big job, and it’s hard to imagine what the world would be like if we were all nicer to each other.  But you can start in now, in your life, with the people you know or interact with.  It’ll be a better place for you, I promise you that.

Tonight, I am especially radiant with love, I’m pretty sure if I went outside right now I’d glow in the dark.  It’s election night and people are scared and uncertain of what is going to happen to them and their loved ones. They are scared of the future.  So love on them, be kind and compassionate and positive.  Be the light that they need to see, it’ll give them hope and peace in their heart. And in turn, it’ll strengthen your positive energy.


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