Meat-Its Back on the Menu

I have to admit that being a vegetarian/vegan did not work out for me. I am surprised as to how it affected me physically, and so quickly too. I was only a vegetarian for a few months. Towards the end of that time I could really feel a difference in my body, my attitude and my energy levels.

My body usually reacts pretty quickly to foods and medicines, I’m not sure why that is, but I’ve always been like that. The first few weeks of being animal product free, I felt pretty great.  I had some energy boosts and my body detoxed, which it needed and I think is great to do every so often.

After a while though, I started to become very bloated all the time. And I was tired and irritated a lot. It felt like I was PMSing 24/7, not cool! So I decided to introduce meat back into my diet.

One of the reasons I steered away from animal products was because of the way they are treated. I still hate it and feel awful about it, but I need to put myself first. My health is important, more important than any animal.  The best way I can honor farm animals and try to do right by them is puting my money where my mouth is and donate time and/or money to organizations that bring awareness to this cause.

Meat has been back in my diet for a couple of weeks now and I feel good, much better.  My mood has mellowed out and my stomach feels better. My body likes the meat and I need to listen to my body.


One response to “Meat-Its Back on the Menu

  1. That’s really interesting and I agree you should put your health first. I’m vegetarian but my husband eats meat and I know it’s not directly helping the animals but I only buy him organic, free range British (I live in uk so like to support local farmer) meat and I feel like it’s the best for him as there are no chemicals/ hormones added but also better for the animal as they may be less stressed etc! 🙂

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