I Lost 4lbs This Week By Listening to my Body

I lost four pounds in a week just by listening to my body and its cravings. And I mean true cravings. Those tastes that we cant stop thinking about until its in our mouth.

Last week my cravings mostly consisted of salty and savory foods. I ate a lot of pickles! Also salad with ranch. Water was also huge. Spicy foods were also showing up later on in the week.

Other things I craved (and ate):
Ginger snaps
A bowl of frosted mini wheats (once)
Green Olives
Apple juice

What surprised me was that I was not very hungry at all. I could only eat a small amount once or twice a day and got full very fast. I dont understand why I am not hungry, maybe because I already have enough reserve in the form of fat. Or maybe my body is just saying, wtf. Or maybe its just all I need right now.

At first it was difficult to hear what my body was craving, but after a few days, it was super easy. I barely have to think about what I want most times. It actually flipped to where some foods just did not sound good at all and I would rather go without than eat something I dont want. Also, some foods I ate became down right gross, foods that I normally love to eat such as Oreos and coffee.

I had an Oreo because basically it was in front of my face and, well, its an Oreo, yum right? I took a bite and it sat in my mouth like sweet black paste. I couldn’t finish it. And one night after my normal caffeine intake I became seriously ill. I thought I was going to vomit or pass out or both. It freaked me out. How can my body react so quickly to this?

As far as exercizing goes, I mostly went on walks or used the stairs at work. I didnt do anything significant in that area. Maybe this week I will focus a little more on this. Really concentrate on what my body wants to do.

My sleeping is difficult. I work graveyard shift so I basically sleep when I can. This is just the way it is right now. Cat naps are what I do. Meow.

So the results of my experiment so far are outstanding. Not only did the scale show me great things, but I can tell I am more hydrated. My skin feels really soft and my cuticles aren’t tore up like usual. Also, I am less bloated and things are moving along better than normal in that area.

I didn’t keep a food journal like I wanted to, I just suck at it. Maybe I will also focus on this task this week. It would be nice to be able to look back and see what foods my body desires. Especially at different times of the day or during different emotional times.

I’ll also try to squeeze in more writing during the week. The days just fly by dont they? Especially during this festive time of year.


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