I Feel Like Crap Today Because I Ate Like Crap Yesterday

I am feeling horrid today! My brain is so fuzzy, I keep dropping things, and I have a mild headache that is driving me bonkers. My eyes are so tired even though I slept a good amount of hours. And I am such a grouch! I feel sorry for anyone who pisses me off today.

And why do I feel like this?

I am pretty sure its from pizza and two dirty martinis that I had for dinner last night (hangover!). It was my son’s birthday and we went to Old Chicago to celebrate. The pizza was so freakin’ good! It had a crispy crust, alfredo sauce, bacon, romano tomatoes and cheddar cheese. All my favorites! I was in heaven with every bite and definitely over ate!

And the dirty martinis, well, I had two because I couldn’t remember if I liked it with vodka or gin, so I tried one of each. Vodka won!! And it hit me like a freight train!  I have a high alcohol tolerance so this really shocked me. Alcohol can no longer be my buddy if this is the way its going to treat me!

Lesson learned!

Lots of water today, and maybe a cup or two of coffee…..maybe….

Coffee. Ugh! I am having a love/hate relationship with this guy. I want the caffeine buzz and I love the taste and aroma, but I feel like crap afterwards, not to mention it makes me extremely dehydrated. So, I have decided that starting today I will swap out my coffee for green tea. I just want to see what happens.

Also, this is awesome, but I want to work on my legs. My thighs to be more specific. I meditated on this yesterday and decided this is where I should to start. My legs have the potential to be very strong and beautiful and right now, they are not. They are weak and squishy.

Squats, lunges and jumps are on the leg menu this week. And I’ll take the stairs UP at work instead of only down.  I know I am going to be sore, but my legs are worth it and need it!

Current Focus
1. Alcohol
2. Green Tea
3. Legs


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