Another Challenge-Electronics

I have decided to invoke another challenge which will include my kids. It will be a forced challenge on them, unfortunately for them, or hopefully fortunately in the long run.

I have been so frustrated with them and their lack of focus on their chores and homework. They either have their nose in a Gameboy, their Nook (watching Netflix!), or they are glued to the TV playing XBOX or watching garbage on TV. And to be quite honest, I am also a culprit. I spend precious time surfing the web or watching the latest show I am obsessed about when there are plenty of other things to do.


I am going to go to the extreme and lock most of our electronics away. With the exception of my Nook (because it has my books on it) and my laptop to be used for email, blogging and bills, but I might only break this out once or twice a week.

My kids are going to freak out! They will be upset, throw tantrums, cry, beg, try to bribe me. They are going to try it all. And I will try my hardest not to give in.  They will claim boredom, that they have “nothing to do”, that they “need” it, well, they are just going to have to find something else to do. Play outside, read, clean their rooms! Me too. Maybe I will actually keep up on my own chores.  We are just going to have to be forced to play board games together, listen to music, go for walks. Oh my!


I keep thinking back to my childhood and all the fun I had playing with my brothers and sisters in the dirt with a bunch of hotwheels. We would make an entire town for our cars to drive through, and we’d be at it for hours.  And if it was raining, we would be inside doing the same thing using crayons or popsicle sticks to outline our cities. We really had to use our imagination, can you believe it!? I also remember having my nose stuck in a book. I would read and read and read, for the fun of it! Yes, I know it’s crazy, and I actually still do that.  Or me and my sisters would pretend we were Charlie’s Angels and my brother was always Night Rider. Pretending-yes, it happened.

So this is just what my kids will have to do. Come up with other ways to “play” and entertain themselves.  Me too. I have actually yet to set a time frame for this challenge because I myself am scared of how long I will have to go without my TV shows and surfing the web. Yikes. Can we do 30 days?


As my good friend pointed out, “It wouldn’t be a challenge if it was reasonable.”

30 days it is.

Oh my!


2 responses to “Another Challenge-Electronics

  1. I’m wary of this approach. I think no electronics is good, but perhaps unrealistic. I grew up with no television, and I think it’s one of the best things my parents ever did for me. None of us watched TV, and none of us wanted to. I did play computer games though, and played them as much as I wanted. I was more introverted than other kids, so this might be different. But today is not twenty years ago, electronics are a part of our daily lives, and if they have nothing and all their friends have nooks and gameboys and TV and everything else, you are going to be quite the bad guy. I don’t know if cold turkey is the way to go, but regulating is definitely important.

    Just keep in mind what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Set a good example, they may not like it, but kids have a keen sense of “fairness”.

    Good luck!!

    • I appreciate your feedback. I am also wary. But I want to give it a shot as it is a temporary challenge. One which I am hoping will open our eyes to other ways to have fun and entertain ourselves.

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