Diet Guidelines

Iam pretty lax when it comes to dieting. I tend to go with the flow, eat what I crave, when I crave it. Simple. Easy.


Its not really working for me…

grumpy cat

Last night after work I wolfed down a huge plate of spaghetti, at 11:00 at night! Of course I woke up feeling miserable and bloated and groggy and puffy. Its not like I was starving last night, I was just craving carbs and salt so bad and the spaghetti was already made, waiting for me in the fridge, taunting me with its noodles and sausage. Evil spaghetti! But if I had a bag of chips, it would have been that. I just have a bad habit of eating when I get home from work, a habit I desperately need to break.

It used to be a decadent glass of wine in the evenings. But I have found that I have some adverse reactions to alcohol. It basically makes me feel awful in the long run. I need to replace the food and wine with something equally decadent. Something I can look forward too. I’m thinking tea. I have quite a selection and it might just be the perfect thing to help me break this habit.
I love being able to tune into my body when it come to my diet, it gives me a sense of freedom which I need, but too much of it and I can lose myself.  I have given myself too much freedom with my diet and I am floundering helplessly with no rhyme or reason to my consuming habits. I feel I need some guidelines (not rules*), something that I can stick to and be accountable for and help give me structure and focus.

Some guidelines (NOT RULES!) I was considering:


  1. Keeping a food journal. I did this when I was at Weight Watchers and it helped me see what I was really putting in my mouth. It also deterred me from nibbling, do I really want to write down one cookie or one piece of candy? No. So I wouldn’t eat it.
  2. Eat within an eight hour window. I keep hearing about this on tv and it intrigued me. Basically you eat within an eight hour window and fast for 16 hours.  It would work well with my schedule and help me break my late night food fest.


Dieting is one of the hardest parts of trying to get healthy which is why I only chose two guidelines. I know what foods to eat. I do. I know what’s healthy and what’s not, I just need to practice more self-discipline and stick to what’s good for me.  It can get pretty overwhelming with all the nutritional information out there so I try to stick to something simple and worry free. These two things I think I can handle.

*Rules make my hyperventilate. Guidelines are bendy.

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