Groundhog Day

Happy Groundhog Day! Or Happy Imbolc (which was actually yesterday)! Both symbolize the hint of spring just around the corner. The earth is thawing out, getting ready for seeds to be planted. People start to see hope and warmth in their near future. The bleak cold winter is behind us. At least, that’s the theory right?

For me Groundhog Day is Bill Murray living the same day over and over until he gets it right. And yes, I’m gonna watch that movie tonight, its on Hulu! I LOVE winter and the dark evenings. I love to snuggle up at home and enjoy the peace and quiet. Summer is LOUD! Full of loud people up at all hours of the night. Loud motorcycles zooming up and down the streets. People, people, people. Too many people out and about in summer.

My favorite time is snow. A nice sized snow storm that’s too much for schools to say open, but not too bad where you can’t go to the store. Its my favorite time to run errands and go grocery shopping. Parking is always good, there are no lines, no anybody! And its usually BEAUTIFUL out! The snow makes everything so pretty!

Groundhog Day, which is celebrated by so many, will not be celebrated by me. Unless that little rodent sees his shadow, then I will be glad for 6 more weeks of winter! In any case,  today can be a day of remembering the beautiful winter we had and to prepare myself mentally for the loudness and peopleness of spring and summer.


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