Low-Carb and Cancer

I need to get something off my chest. Its been rolling around in my head for a while and I need to finally work it out and get it out on paper. I think my low-carb diet caused my cancer in a weird round-about way…just bear with me as I try to explain this.

A few years ago I lost about 50 lbs doing low-carb and it was great! I had never felt better in my life! It was extremely low-carb too, on most days I didn’t eat more than 10 -20 carbs and it worked! The weight melted off and it was awesome. I LOVED that diet! I loved all the meat and buffalo wings and eggs and cheese! Oh, glorious cheese!! I was in heaven! Until, after a while, I started to feel like crap. Really tired and lethargic and just not myself. Well, come to find out, I had Stage III Thyroid Cancer. My entire thyroid was consumed and it had spread to several lymph nodes.

It was so random! There is no history of thyroid cancer or any thyroid issues in my family. I was as healthy as I could be. I was exercising everyday and avoiding sugar and barely drank rarely smoked. Didn’t use plastic Tupperware or non-stick pans. In fact, I did everything I could to prevent cancer, but it still happened. HOW??

That has been the question that has been plaguing me for a while now. HOW did I get this??

And I have a theory.

Recently I have discovered an allergy to Vitamin B. I was taking a B Complex and I had the worse cramps and hives and sore throat, my immune system totally shut down and I was sick for almost a month. It was terrible! Well, guess what?? Guess what I was eating during that Low-Carb diet? Vitamin B and lots of it!!  I would get cramps sometimes and diarrhea, but I honestly thought it was my body flushing out the toxins and fats or whatever. Nope! It was my body rejecting the Vitamin B, especially the B6 in Chicken, because I always felt the worse after eating chicken.

And my theory is; my body was trying so hard to fight this allergy that it didn’t have enough strength to fight the cancer. And I believe that all the hormones I was ingesting from the meats and dairies, somehow triggered it in my thyroid. I believe that most of us have a cancer gene in us and something triggers it to come loose and grow. For me, it was Vitamin B and all the delicious dairy and scrumptious buffalo wings….terrible!

I have not confirmed this with any doctor.  I have asked a couple of them and they all said the same thing “There haven’t been any tests to prove that.” So I am just listening to my own instincts and intuition here. This is honestly what I believe happened to me, deep in my soul and heart. For me, it makes sense.

I finally got a clean bill of health, 100% cancer free in July, 2016. And since then, I’ve been enjoying carbs, all of them! I have packed on about 25 lbs and enjoyed every damn bite! Honestly, it was a rebellious thing for me to do, to just gorge myself on whatever the hell I wanted after depriving myself for so long. But its time to stop now, my work pants are not so comfortable any more! And, let me tell you, carbs suck!! What I’m finding now is the inflammation they cause in my joints is just terrible! So yeah…its really time to make some changes.

The Carb Party is over and Low-carb Vegan, here we come! I’ve done it before and it wasn’t too bad. And I wasn’t SUPER strict about it either. If something had a sprinkling of cheese, or a little butter, or a bit of coffee creamer, I didn’t stress too much about it. But I do avoid it as much as I can. Sometimes you can only do so much.  The low-carb part is going to be hard, I really want some toast! But I can’t. I’m going to toast up some veggies instead!

I’ll try to keep track of how it’s going on here. It good for me to be vocal about this.





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